Pedal C

Today is the birth of ‘Pedal C’ — the life and times of a thirty-something tubist on a journey to going pro.

My name is Dan Manley — I live in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada – more-or-less 2.5 hours driving North East of Toronto.  My day job [for now] is in computer programming.  I’ve been doing it for a number of years.  Since I was around 19 y/o.  I left a music degree program at the University of Ottawa for it.  I was broke and scared at the time.  More on this later, I’m sure — I don’t want to give it all away in one blog post, and in the first one, no less.

Here are the quick Coles’ notes on where I’m at here…  I auditioned a year ago at UofT and the GGS (Glen Gould School in Toronto).  I didn’t get the GGS (10 of us auditioned for 1 spot).  But I did get advanced standing to second year of a performance degree at UofT!!  Fantastic!  🙂  but… the Highlands Brass Academy (a brass summer workshop that I created) distracted me too much to prepare for entry in Fall 2010.  So I asked for a deferral to Fall 2011 and got approved.

I play with Orchestra Toronto — under the direction of Maestra Danielle Lisboa.  I’ve been with the orchestra for a number of years now.  umm…. 7 years maybe.  I’ll have to verify that.  It’s a great orchestra and we do a lot of great rep.  And I’m really loving it this year because low brass have got their game going on.  We’ve been consistently meeting an hour before rehearsal to work on our stuff together.  We sound great.

I also play with the Highlands Wind Symphony and the Highlands Swing Band, out of Haliburton.  I share conducting duties along with 2 others and I’m really enjoying this.  It’s really helping me grow as a musician.  It also helps because I want to pursue conducting in university too.

I think that’s a good enough first post.  Now back to my day job.


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