Yesterday’s HWS/HSB rehearsal

Highlands Wind Symphony and Highlands Swing Band.

Glen is on vacation, for Lorrie and I did the conducting.  I had a fantastic time yesterday. First off, I warmed up at home and practiced some of the Ralph Vaughan-Williams.  I’m loving returning to the first movement.  I can tell I’m sounding better than last year — I played that movement for auditions at the GGS (glen gould school) and UofT.  I’m also working on the second movement.  My goal is to play this with Orchestra Toronto in the next few seasons.

I considered using the term “some day” in that sentence.  But I don’t think that’s positive enough.  It’s not defined enough.  Like, I want to lose weight some day.  Do it now, dammit!  So I’m working on the concerto.  And I’m going to get lessons on it.  I’m going to perform it along with piano accompaniment.

And now I’m completely off-topic.

The rehearsal yesterday… I really enjoyed the conducting.  There are on and there are off days.  Yesterday, was definitely an ‘on’ day.  I think the ensemble really enjoyed it too. We made some really good breakthroughs in the Hounds of Spring.  I love that piece (and much of the band does too).  So many beautiful spots in it.  And I was surprised [sorta] that they voted the Shostakovich over the Bizet.  Both are dances.  Both have lots of repeat signs.  But the Bizet (Farandole from L’Arlesienne) is a tad more repetitive and layered (and loud!).  The Shostakovich (Folk Dances) has got some interesting fun stuff in it. Harmonies the band isn’t used to, I’m sure, being it Shostakovich.

Finally, swing band was nice too.  We read a few pieces from the books.  Most were fun. And a few were excellent.  I should see if I can get a solo in there for myself sometime. The swing band performed at the opening ceremony of Winterfest in Haliburton – the Seniors Winter Games.  It was a fantastic performance.  The HSB is a tight little group once we get the parts practiced.  And playing the bass line on tuba has done wonders for my C tuba playing.  It’s just a series of arpeggio exercises.  Love it!

So we’ll see what next week brings at the HWS – Lorrie is going to see about switching out that awful television mash-up piece for either one of mine or something from her own library.  I’m certainly looking forward to that!


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