I do not know enough about Wagner – other than he wrote big operas for big orchestras and he was anti-semite.

I was doing my classical radio show last night on Canoe FM and played some music from Götterdämmerung (funeral music and finale) and came to the realization that I don’t know squat about Wagner operas.  And I call myself a tuba player (tubist?)?!?!?  So there’s something to put on my todo list – buy the Wagner operas recordings (and scores, maybe).  Learn their plot lines, history and, most of all, their tuba parts.  My audition book has a large selection of Wagner opera excerpts for tuba:  it’s the majority of the material there.  I’m definitely not saying that I’m going to learn this overnight, but start slowly.  Maybe this week in Toronto, I’ll check out used recordings of his operas.


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