Full-time School will wait another year (but I won’t)

If I’m going to go pro, I’ve gotta get some more schooling under my belt.  I’m 35 right now.  I still feel young (despite my quirky right knee).  I’ve wanted to go back to school for a number of years now.  So why haven’t I yet?  That’s a fantastic question and one I’ve had trouble finding the answer to.  Nearly 6 years ago, I came into some money from my divorce.  I should have gone then.  But I suppose, I wasn’t “ready” yet.  I am now though.

A year ago about this time, I auditioned at the Glenn Gould School of the Royal Conservatory in Toronto.  They take only one tubist at a time — it’s an orchestral training program.  Ten of us auditioned and I didn’t get it.  But I also auditioned at UofT and got into second year – which was fantastic!  I would have gone in Fall 2010, but my partner and I weren’t prepared for this change in lifestyle — mostly to do with finances.  I was granted a year’s delay from UofT and so I would enter in Fall 2011.  But… this isn’t possible either.  It takes a lot to go back to school:  money, lifestyle change, etc.  And in summer 2010, I ran the Highlands Brass Academy at a decent loss (my grant applications were turned down) and paying this off has been a priority. So …. I’m not going back to school in Fall 2011.  I will re-audition in Winter 2012 and get back in.

Honestly, it took me a while to face this second delay and accept it.  But I’m fine with it now.  A key point of this is setting it in my mind that this coming year will not be a waste.  Like continuing to plug away at my job and letting the weeks count by.  I want to continue growing as a musician and tubist – who knows, maybe get into 3rd year tuba performance at UofT.  So this is my plan:

  • keep practicing and playing (well, duh!)
  • become a student of Sal Fratia’s and not wait until I enter UofT
  • seek lessons from other professional tubists over the next year (this is already in progress)
  • seek audition possibilities with special or festival orchestras
  • set performance goals for myself with the RVW tuba concerto and standard tuba orchestral rep
  • grow as a conductor with the Highlands Wind Symphony
So there it is.  I’m happy to finally put that out there.  Now I can get back to what’s important — Bydlo!

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