Nemesis notes

From my experience in the amateur musician’s circuit, every musician and instrument combination has a “nemesis note” or two. Sometimes it really is the instrument. But it’s my opinion that a nemesis note is usually one that hasn’t found its centre yet.
Every note has a sweet spot in terms of embouchure. For me, the upper range is usually better (clear and singing) when my embouchure is in the centre of the mouthpiece. And the low range used to be better with the mouthpiece sitting on the right side of my lips. That made for difficulties in quick passage crossing from low to high or with slurs over large intervals. Can you picture me sliding across the mouthpiece as I cross over Bb at the bottom of the staff? What a pain and waste of energy. I had to fix that for sure.

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So…. what now?

It’s almost always like this — Summer “officially” starts when the Spring concert season wraps up and I’m just about there.  Two more performances: Highlands Swing Band at ‘Relay for Life’ and Highlands Wind Symphony at ‘Music by the Gull’ in Minden.  And maybe a Canada Day performance with the “Friday” band from Haliburton.

The last concert session with Orchestra Toronto is done and I was left feeling a bit of a void afterwards.  I had focused so hard on Bydlo, practicing nearly every day.  So…. what now?

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