So…. what now?

It’s almost always like this — Summer “officially” starts when the Spring concert season wraps up and I’m just about there.  Two more performances: Highlands Swing Band at ‘Relay for Life’ and Highlands Wind Symphony at ‘Music by the Gull’ in Minden.  And maybe a Canada Day performance with the “Friday” band from Haliburton.

The last concert session with Orchestra Toronto is done and I was left feeling a bit of a void afterwards.  I had focused so hard on Bydlo, practicing nearly every day.  So…. what now?

Well, first, I learned a few things:

  • Technique – given something as daunting as Bydlo, I worked hard and got there.  Which is surprising me less and less as I get more experienced – after leaving UofO years back, all of my best advances have been because of orchestral rep (and auditions last year).
  • A fresh perspective on the Pictures tuba part –  it’s such a popular piece that I’m guaranteed to play it again.  What will I do next time?  I’ll consider playing Bydlo and but I’ll also consider a larger tuba for the rest of the part.  According to Sal, I should be able to play Bydlo on my C.  It would have been nice to have the C for the Promenades, Gnomus and the Great Gate of Kiev.  It’s a lot of work to play the last movement on Eb.
  • Keep some orchestral rep in my regular warm up routing/rotation — notably Bydlo, Hungarian March (Berlioz), Ride of the Valkeries (Wagner), Cinderella Suite – Waltz and Midnight (Prokofiev)

But back to the question at hand — what now?  Here’s the plan, Stan:

  • keep practicing regularly (sounds simple eh?)
  • focus on some orchestral rep – like for the upcoming season of Orchestra Toronto, but also stuff I want to learn, like Les Corsaires (Berlioz) – and listen to this CD more often
  • work on more of the RVW concerto – keep the first movement fresh while working on the second movement
  • getting lessons with Sal and others
  • offering lessons in Haliburton to other brass musicians

This time last year, I was neck-deep in preparations for the Highlands Brass Academy.  It’s not running this year as I pay off debts, but I have hopes for Summer 2012.  So this year, I’ve got a lot more free time on my hands.  Which is a bit of a relief, I have to admit.  Running the HBA two years in a row got me run-down a little.  I am missing it already, but it’ll be nice to get this Summer back to enjoy life in Haliburton.  Plus running our B&B.  Come stay with us!

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