Pines of Rome

I mentioned a long time ago that I share conducting duties in the Highlands Wind Symphony. This year, for my pieces, which mostly lean towards classical transcriptions, I’ve got Mars and Pines of Rome: The Appian Way. The latter is a complete bar-for-bar transcription (with just a little simplification in the alto sax solo, which is the English horn in the real thing).
In the past, I’ve gotten by conduction on general knowledge of a piece and they’ve been pretty straight-forward. The Appian Way though is deep. So many layers. The biggest challenge I need to overcome is how to interpret the page or two in fortissimo, yet still allowing the counterpoint to shine through and therefore keeping the piece meaningful. It’s going to take some score study to be sure and listening to various recordings. But I think I should seek out some advice from conducting friends and colleagues of mine. I’m excited for the learning opportunity I have here.


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