My Mom Passed Away

I’ve been pretty quiet online here lately but my life has been nothing but in the past few months.

In mid-March, my mother was diagnosed with 4th-stage cancer.  They discovered this when discovering she had blood clots causing her right arm and hand to go blue (which was causing pain too).  On Friday, June 1st, at 10:17am, she lost her battle against the cancer.

I’ve had lots of time to think lately with drives to and from Ottawa.  I discovered that Mom had been my spiritual guide when I was a child and this shaped a lot of who I am today (I discovered Dad was a much larger influence that I realized too).  She taught me right from wrong and love from hate.  I will miss her with every part of my heart, mind and soul.

When it happens, I will dedicate my first orchestral performance of the Vaughan Williams to her.

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