No Army Life for Me

I just got an email from the Canadian Armed Forces:

Thank you for forwarding your audition for a position as a musician in the regular force of the Canadian Forces. Unfortunately, after having reviewed all of the applicants for the available positions, you will not be invited to the next phase of the audition.

It’s a no.  I think I totally live in a bubble — I thought for sure I was gonna be invited at least to the second phase.  Nick Atkinson had warned me that the level of playing for the armed forces had really climbed since his entrance years ago.  Noways too, it seems that it’s nothing for high school tubists to be playing the RVW.

I was really starting to dream up life possibilities being posted with the band in Ottawa.  Being semi-close to home and much closer to my family.  This has been on my mind a lot since my Mom’s cancer and her death.  I’ve been such a schmuck for being so unavailable to my family.

But pro life doesn’t end here for me musically – far from it.  You’ll never guess!  The Montreal Symphony is hiring a new principal tuba and I’m just CRAZY enough to audition.  More on that in a new post soon.


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