Fernandez – Batuque

This is an intense piece.  It’s subtitle “Danza di negri” – which would be a little racist to literally translate it as “Blacks’ Dance”.  It’s tribal and driving and becomes more frantic near the end.  It’s pretty exciting to play, despite not being a really interesting part for tuba.  Here are the opening lines and 100% of the variety of notes played:

The entrance at rehearsal 2 is tuba with trumpets.  The accented low ‘C’ is practically a solo.  Trombones only join in at rehearsal 3 with a repeat of section.  And notice the jump to ‘ff‘.  Don’t give it all up just yet, but be pretty liberal about volume and articulation.  ‘Allegro pesante’ is the header here and the articulation can stand to be on the rougher, more aggressive, side.  In other words, don’t be timid.  And don’t slow down.

Here’s the next section:

The pencil mark of ‘ff‘ after rehearsal 10 is not mine, but it’s true (bass trombone has it pencilled in too).  Combine that with the accent marks and that bar really rips!  Put in context with the bars that follow which are an octave lower (IMHO, the mid-range where the tuba has less impact) and no accent marks.  I let lose in this bar with at least ‘fff’ and very aggressive articulation and Maestra Lisboa has not called me out on it.  I know she wants passion and raw energy from us in this piece.

As you approach to rehearsal 12, articulation gets smoother while not slowing down.  Pairing those two up is a difficult urge to resist.

Final bits – not shown here is the ending — repeated 8th-note low ‘C’s with accelerando.


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