Starting Season Four with the HCO

Here I am mostly through Summer 2015 and really looking forwards to the 2015-16 season coming up with the Highlands Chamber Orchestra.  We’re having a read-through at my place this coming Sunday – hopefully a decent turnout despite Summer holidays.

Last month, I settled on a draft program for the November 21st concert.  We’ve been sticking with a Pops feel with lighter music and this year the theme is “Haliburton 150” with Canadian, British and American music:

  • Canada:  Fall Fair by Godfrey Ridout
  • Canada:  Canada by Bobby Gimby (orch: Milton Barnes)
  • Canada:  Snowbird by Gene Maclellan (i.e. of Anne Murray fame)
  • Canada:  Beachcombers Theme by Robert Hales
  • America:  Variations on a Shaker Melody by Aaron Copland
  • America:  In October, from Suite no.1 by Edward McDowell
  • America:  Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar
  • Britain:  Nimrod from the ‘Enigma Variations’ by Edward Elgar
  • Britain:  Suite from ‘Pirates of Penzance’ by Arthur Sullivan
  • Britain:  Suite from ‘James Bond: You Only Live Twice’ by John Barry

Quite a swath of music there.  I’m looking forward to conducting every one of these for each their particular reason … ‘Fall Fair’ because I’ve played it twice in other orchestras, so it will be nice to experience it from the podium.  ‘In October’ because it’s from a 3-disk set of American orchestral music that Collin bought on a whim from iTunes years ago and I’ve always love it.  ‘Nimrod’ because it’s an emotional powerhouse of a piece and it’ll be my second time conducting it with the HCO.

The last time I blogged I mentioned getting Rhapsody in Blue in the mail — so long ago.  What a fun piece that was.  Lauren McInnis play it beautifully and the audience was roaring.  So much has happened since then … more reason to catch up soon.