Comparing Bald Mountains

Mussorgsky_ Night On the Bald Mountain, Giulini vs. Hubad vs. Dorati vs. Ormandy vs. Reiner vs. Mitropoulos (Compare 6 Versions)As a follow up to yesterday’s Night on Bald Mountain post, I found an album today on iTunes (Canada) that contains 6 recordings of Bald Mountain! Yass!  Perfect for comparative listening to get inspiration from great conductors and great orchestras.

Included on that album is a recording by the Slovenian National Opera Orchestra & the Slovenian National Opera Chorus conducted by Samo Hubad.  The internet is pretty amazing.  It would likely be Mussorgky’s operatic version from 1880.  It certainly shows how Rimsky-Korsakov’s edition of it from 1886 (5 years after Mussorgsky’s death) is virtually a composition of his own based on his colleague’s.  At least something it has survived despite not being publicly performed during his lifetime.  I wonder where it would be right now if it wasn’t for, arguably, Stokowski’s use of it in Disney’s Fantasia.

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