Who’s Dan Manley?

Name:  Daniel Manley
Location:  Haliburton, ON – with frequent travel to Toronto, ON
Current Ensembles:

Upcoming concerts and performances:
  • Sunday, March 6, 3pm – Orchestra Toronto (tuba) – ‘Shamrocks at the Symphony’ – rep includes Music from Lord of the Dance, Riverdance and Molly on the Shore.

I currently conduct the Highlands Chamber Orchestra on Friday evenings and rehease with the Highlands Wind Symphony and Swing Band on Monday nights.  I’m open to new conducting opportunities, be they full time, apprentice/assistant or subbing in.

As a tuba player, I’m available for ensemble rehearsals and performances in and around Toronto and central Ontario (including Barrie, Huntsville and Peterborough).  I can also coach brass sectionals and groups.  My instrumental specialty is breathing, buzzing, tone production and warm-ups.

You can download my full CV (updated CV coming soon) with contact information or find me on facebook.


  • Orchestral excerpts (recorded at Ian Pay’s studio in Haliburton County) – includes Berlioz (Hungarian March, Symphonie Fantastique); Bruckner (Symphony 4 – 4th mvt); Stravinsky (Pétrouchka – The Bear and Masks); Prokofiev (solo from Romeo and Juliet); Holst (selections from Jupiter)
  • Vaughan Williams – Concerto for Bass Tuba – 1st movement (recorded in Carnarvon, Ontario – Zion United Church with Melissa Stephens on piano)

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